KSreleif distributes aid goods among earthquake affectees in Herat

November 28, 2023
HERAT (AIP): The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSreleif) distributed aid goods among hundreds of earthquake affected people in the Gulran district of Herat province with the cooperation of the Afghan Red Crescent Society.
The aid goods were distributed among 1000 families in Totichi, Shor Ghazal Ghor, Sang-e-Sufaid, Qashor Safli, Markaz, Chah Haji Bor, Chah Abdul Qados, Chah Mirza Ibrahim Alia, Chah Mirza Ibrahim Safli, Chah Mirza Ibrahim Wasti, Chah Tor Lali, Chah Haji Nizam, Chah Noor Mah Jan, Chah Azizullah, Chah Arbab Naeem, Chah Shah Wali, Chah Tariha, Kala Garg, Chah Rashid, Talkhtan and central villages of Gulran districts yasterday (Nov 27).
The aid goods consisted of flour, ghee, beans, dates, rice and sugar. Besides local officials, the aid distribution ceremonies were attended by officials and representatives of KSrelief and the Afghan Red Crescent. 
The KSrelief had announced 18750 food baskets for the earthquake victim families in Herat which is being distributed in different phases. Ends
Time: 09:04 GMt

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