May 12, 2022 
KUNDUZ (AIP): Afghan and Tajikistani officials on Wednesday (May 12) discussed transportation issues.
Abdul Mateen Yousafzai, chairman of Kunduz Chamber of commerce, told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) that truck transporting trade goods daily cross into Afghanistan from Tajikistan without facing any hurdle but the Tajikistani border forces did not allow Afghan trucks to cross into their country from the Sher Khan Port.
To discuss this issue, local customs officials of the two countries held detailed meeting, he said, adding the Tajikistan customs officials assured the Afghan side that they will take up the issue with high ups and inform the Afghan officials of the conclusion.
Some traders said the issue was very serious as the Tajikistani border forces do not allow any vehicle to cross into their country and there were speculations that any Afghan businessman who want to travel to Tajikistan will go to Dubai and from there they will travel to Tajikistan. 
The traders demanded of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan resolve this issue at earliest.
According to Yousafzai, Kunduz foreign affairs director, customs director and other Afghan officials attended the meeting.
Sher Khan is one of the busiest dry ports and crossing points in Afghanistan and if normality returns to this crossing point it is shortest route to central Asia. Ends
Time:  17:00 GMT

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