Chinese investors keen to invest different sectors in Afghanistan

March 15, 2022
KABUL (AIP): A delegation of Chinese investors met officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and expressed keenness to investment in different sectors in Afghanistan.
The delegation of Chinese investors met Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industries Maulvi Qudratullah in Kabul March 14 and other officials of the ministry  in Kabul and briefed them on their companies’ investment in different countries besides seeking information on security in Afghanistan infrastructure, economic zones, facilities to foreign investors and availability of raw material.
A press release issued by the ministry of commerce and industries said the Afghan officials also briefed the visiting delegation on IEA policy on export and raw material.
Maulvi Qudratullah urged the Chinese investors share their special plan for economic zones in Afghanistan with the Afghan ministry of commerce.
Few days ago, media reports suggested that China has increased efforts for investment in Afghanistan mining sector. Afghan officials say that China will soon resume work on coppermine in Logar. Ends
Time :  06:26 GMT

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