Afghanistan’s ambassador to Beijing steps down

January 10, 2022
KABUL (AIP): Afghanistan’s ambassador to China, Javed Qaim, has stepped down from his post.
In a post on Facebook, Javed Qaim said he has not taken his salary for the last four months and they are also facing problems in meeting the expenditures of the embassy.
“I do not work for salary rather I want to see my effectiveness which I can’t see anymore, neither on ideological and technical point of view,” he said.
Javed Qaim was Afghanistan’s ambassador to Beijing for the last two years. 
There were reports that Afghanistan’s embassy in Iran has been handed over to Taliban. Iran, however, rejected the reports as false.
The Taliban government has not yet been recognized by any country and they have been given control of Afghanistan’s embassy in Islamabad. Ends
Time: 07:05 GMT

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