New appointments made in interior ministry

KABUL: (AIP): Fifteen new persons have been appointed against various posts in the interior ministry of Afghanistan.

According to a press release issued by the interior ministry on Monday (September 20), the fresh appointments had been made to improve public services and activities. 

The press release stated that Mauvli Noor Jalal has been appointed as deputy minister for education and personnel, Abdullah Khan as deputy minister for counter-narcotics, Maulvi Shamsuddin Mansoor as deputy minister for policy and strategy, Mauvli Zainullah as head of the governor’s office, Wazir Haqqani as head of plan and operation, Noorullah Hafiz as head of fire brigade, Syed Noorullah Murad as head of traffic police, Sher Mohammad Sharif as head of border police, Maulvi Hasibullah as commander of education and training, Maulvi Alam Gul Haqqani as head of passport, Maulvi Musa as head of national security, Maulvi Arifullah as head of foreign affairs, Maulvi Abdul Hakim Hamdi as head of media and public affairs, Engieer Ibrahim as head of communication and technology and Qari Obaida as head of security unit. 

The officials of Islamic Emirate were working on the appointment of professional and competent persons to improve administrative affairs and public services, the ministry yesterday said in a press release.

12:53 (GMT)


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