DAB chief said economic situation improving in Afghanistan

November 23, 2022 KABUL (AIP): The chief executive Afghanistan’s Central bank, Sadiqullah Khan, has said humanitarian and economic situation is improving in Afghanistan and UNAMA’s role is very effective in this regard. This he said during a meeting with UN Secretary General's Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan Dr. Ramiz Al-Akbarov here on Wednesday. Da Afghanistan Bank’s (DAB) chief and the UN delegation led by Dr. Ramiz Al-Akbarov discussed economic development, restoration of banking sector, coordination in humanitarian assistance. The DAB chief said thanked the UN for its operation in Afghanistan and termed the UNAMA role in improvement of humanitarian and economic situation very effective. Sadiqullah Khalid said the humanitarian and economic situation in Afghanistan is improving and the banking sector also made hug achievements. Senior advisor of DAB Lutful Haq Noor Pasarlay who also present on the occasion said that the DAB is committed to provide better services to the people in the light of national and international laws. Dr. Ramiz Al-Akbarov assured providing facilities to the Afghanistan banking sector. United States froze nearly $10 billion assets of DAB and imposed some other sanctions after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. This situation faced the people of Afghanistan and businessmen with a lots of problems in transection of trade payments. The US sanction of DAB and freezing of its assets are considered to be the major cause of economic and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The Afghan government and the people have repeatedly demanded of the US to release assets without any condition. The US, however, is unmoved in this regard. The US recently formed a four-member board comprising of Afghans to shift half of the frozen assets to a third country and this board also held a meeting recently. The DAB, however, opposed the formation of the board. Ends Time: 13:58 GMT

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